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Nail Treatments

Your hands express your character and therefore they need specialist care and attention

Whether your problems revolve around soft peeling nails, damaged and sensitive nails, or hard and dehydrated nails or you simply want a maintenance program to ensure your nails stay in fabulous condition all year round, we have the solution for you. 

We offer protein formulas and nail moisturisers from our Nailtiques range, or NSI nail enhancements and 14 day gel polishes, giving you the opportunity to have perfect nails.


File & Polish £9.00

French Polish £12.00

Manicure £16.00

French Manicure £17.00

Gelac (14day) Manicure £20.00

N.S.I Nail Extensions :

French Tip Acrylics From £20.00

Glitter Acrylics From £26.00

Coloured Acrylics From £26.00

Infill’s £24.00

Soak off £8.00

Soak off & full set £25.00

Replacement Nail £3.00

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