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Tanning Treatments

Here at the Caribbean Corner we strive to offer the best service possible along with the healthiest and safest environment. It is our belief after looking at all the key facts if used properly and with the correct advise and supervision, UV light has many advantages, Such as:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Helps resist the effects of muscle disorders such as MS
  • Helps resist the effects of S.A.D
  • Effective treatment in skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema

All our staff are trained to the highest standards and are able and willing to give the best quality, advice and recommendations. We operate our tanning system strictly within the sunbed associations guidelines. We have both lie down and stand up beds using the latest technolgy and firmly believe in our products.


Vitamin D Tubes

The body converts sunshine into Vitamin D – strong bones, a substance that helps build a healthy immune system and strong bones, and may even fight of depression. Research has shown that without it we are more prone to everyday infections such as colds and flu, and also evidence that vitamin D could protect us from cancer. 

Prices – 

2 Minutes – £1.10

24 Minutes Course – £11.00

50 Minutes Course – £20.00


Spray Tanning – £10.00

This is a sunless tan using a spray via an airbrush

The application is quick, safe and easy, giving a perfect streakless natural tan

When you call us to make your appointment our experienced staff will offer essential preparation advice.

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