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Toning Treatments

The multi-tone toning table is ideal for anyone wishing to receive the full benefits normally associated with a set of toning tables. The toning table instigates movement whilst the user lies back and enjoys the physical benefits through passive exercise.

Regular toning table sessions result in the pelvis, back muscles, rib cage and shoulders being re-educated and re-aligned. This in turn results in improved posture, which brings out:

Improved posture 

Improved health and elimination of backache

Inch loss (lose up to a dress size)

Muscle toning and restored muscle elasticity

Increased circulation

Increased flexibility and improved overall mobility

Overall feeling of well being

Tone outer muscles to give the body form and shape.

Relax over-used muscles and tighten under-used muscles through equel stiulation of the deeply positioned control muscles. Tone and tighten stomach and shoulder muscles to re-position the rib cage, pelvis and shoulders.

Toning Bed £25.00
(10x 30 minutes sessions, FREE informative trail)
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